Proven Biological Age Reversal

Use the groundbreaking science of DNA methylation, and optimize your health at the DNA level. With lab tests, lifestyle tracking, supplements and more.

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The Program

Biological Age

Includes 2 epigenetic lab tests to determine your biological age and receive valuable diagnostic reports to understand your results.


Nutritionist Coaching

Includes 6 sessions with nutritionist trained by Dr. Fitzgerald's team to support your program  success.


Includes 2 bottles of scientifically calibrated nutritional supplements and 4 canisters of probiotic powder to promote optimal nutrition and results.

Expert Guidance Every Step of the Way 

Lifestyle tracking, coaching, recipes and educational content take the guesswork out of reversing your biological age.

3 Years Younger, The Program

Healthy gene expression and biological age reversal are at your fingertips with the 3YY Program.  DNA testing, methylation guides, bio-tracking, nutrition coaching and more are part of this revolutionary new approach. Join the early access group and be a part of the 3 Years Younger Program, changing the world of personalized healthcare.

Younger You, The Book

Biological age is the single biggest risk factor for all major diseases, but research is beginning to show that your biological age can move in reverse. Younger You walks you through the science behind gene expression and helps you achieve healthy, more youthful, DNA through food, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations.  

Live longer. Live better. Become a younger you.


“This program has been super simple to incorporate into my everyday life. It makes me conscious about choosing foods that are nutrient dense, such as dark leafy, green vegetables and even liver, which can be delicious! I feel energized eating this way and I know I’m doing what’s right for my genes.”

Romilly Hodges, MS CNS CDN

"I love that this is a food-first approach with an emphasis on food and dietary intervention for sustainable long-term nutritional support."

Brigid Titgemeier, MS, RDN, LD, 

Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine